About the Comic Strip Network and about submitting comics

Submitting comics for consideration

The Comic Strip Network is looking for great artists who want to publish. Submit one complete strip for consideration. Editorially, our guidelines are similar to national newspaper guidelines. Try to keep it close to a "PG-like" rating. Cell phone screens are rather small. Most tend to be 176x176 pixels, but many are 128x128. This image shows you what 128x128 looks like. Not a lot of space for text. Fat lines on characters work better. Check out the network and see what is already in production.

To Submit You Comic Strip

1. You can embed your sample strip in a web page and send us the link or attach a .zip file to an email. The comic strip panels need to be 176x176 and numbered so we know the order. Send .zip files to darren@comicstripnetwork.com.

2. Tell us how often you will publish your strip. We prefer daily.


If your strip is accepted we will send you a contract. With the Comic Strip Network you retain the rights to your comic strip. Other mobile content companies try to own artists. We're not like that. Our contracts are simple agreements, not huge legal briefs.


When your strip goes onto the Comic Strip Network, you get 25% of the ad revenue that your strip generates. Nifty.
Comic Strip Network

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Updated Jan. 5, 2007