Comic Strip Network Installation

To view comic strips on your phone simply text a message from your phone to You'll receive a message back containing a link to follow to the comics. Free except for your carrier's usual data charges.

We do offer an exhanced Java version player. You can choose either type of playback from your phone. However, about a third of phones with color screens don't support Java, especially phones from Verizon. If your phone doesn't support Java choose standard playback.

    Here is the step by step guide

  1. Send a text message from your phone to

  2. A text message (or email) arrives on your mobile phone

  3. Open the text message to display the URL

  4. Use the "GoTo" function on your phone to launch the embedded URL. On a Sony phone you arrow down to highlight the link. On other phones it may be some other menu choice.
  5. Choose standard playback or download the Java player. (Java instructions just below this)
  6. If you choose standard playback follow the menus and arrows to the comic you want.

    Java guide continued after step 5 above

  1. When asked if you'd like to download content say Yes
  2. In about twenty seconds (there's a progress bar) your phone should say it's installed in your Games folder
  3. When phone asks if you'd like to launch content now say Yes
  4. Comic Strip Network player is in your Games folder and doesn't need to be downloaded again tomorrow
  5. Launch player again tomorrow to see tommow's comic strips in player
  6. If you ever want to delete the player simply do so from your phone's menu
  7. To install a newer version of the Comic Strip Network player it's necessary to delete the installed player first

No Java on Verizon

Most if not all Verizon phones disable Java. Use standard playback.

Installing Java on Treo

Many Treo phones don't come with Java, but it can be installed later using the Treo Java software. This isn't our software, but Java is necessary to run our software.

What if It Doesn't Work?

The most likely issue is first-time user confusion. Every phone has a somewhat different user interface and many people have never downloaded an app to their phone before. Don't feel bad. It is confusing at first.

The second most likely problem is that that your make and model of phone simply doesn't support Java. Most newer phones with color screens support Java, but some don't. Phone manufacturers decide on a model-by-model basis, except for Verizon that never provides Java.

The third possibility is it's something about your carrier or with our systems. There are hundreds of models of phones and hundreds of carriers, all a little different. Many mobile content companies only support a few select models of phones. We're not like that. The Comic Strip Network is the only mobile company to build a universal cross-platform player, to support the maximum number of phones possible. If your phone supports Java we should be able to make it work. Get Help! Contact Please include the following information so we can figure out how to help you:

  1. Which carrier?
  2. What make and model of phone do you have? (The model of phone may be printed in different locations on the case or in the phone menus depending on the phone. One place that you should always be able to find it is under the battery. If it's a Treo see note above about Treo Java support.)
  3. On which step in our installation process above are you getting stuck?
  4. What happened instead on that step?

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