Comic Strip Network Adds 'Dating Amy' and 'Day by Day' Cartoons

Beverly Hills, CA - July 10, 2006

SmashPhone, a mobile phone comic strip network, today announced it's bringing Amy DeZeller's Dating Amy and Chris Muir's Day by Day comic strips to mobile phones everywhere. Viewers can access the SmashPhone Comic Strip Network through Verizon, Cingular, Sprint, T-Mobile and many other carriers. The comics are served by SmashPhone for free (although phone company data charges may apply).

"I'm excited to be included by SmashPhone," says Dating Amy author Amy DeZellar. "I think it's the first time a book has been promoted this way." DeZellar is the author of the hilarious blog-turned-memoir Dating Amy that tracks DeZellar's experiences dating fifty men over a two year period. Dating Amy, the book, is published by Warner Book's 5-Spot imprint that's targeted toward "chicks with brains" and is available in bookstores everywhere. Dating Amy, the cartoon, is a limited edition created by author Amy DeZellar and artist Kate Lint.

Chris Muir's Day by Day comic strip is based on each day's political events. How's that for topical? This shoot-from-the-hip toon follows four characters and their reactions to news and thoughts of the day. Day by Day garnered 12,000 loyal daily readers by encouraging websites to embed the daily comic strip freely. "Comic strips have to be on mobile," says Muir. "It's adapt or die! All the market growth is on phones, especially with kids and comic strips." Muir said he chose SmashPhone because they can reach more phones than anyone else (over 1.2B phones).

SmashPhone also launched its website and released new mobile technology to make comic strips compatible with even more carriers and phones. "Our technology enables us to reach a mass market of billions of mobile phones," notes SmashPhone founder Robin Rowe.

To view comic strips on your mobile phone enter the mobile WAP address: (URL for mobile phones only) or sign up using your computer at (URL for computers) to have the WAP link sent to your phone. About SmashPhone

SmashPhone launched its comic strip network with the nationally recognized comic strips Girls & Sports and The Meaning of Lila and the new comic strip Mostly Heads in May of 2006. The SmashPhone Comic Strip Network was founded by former DreamWorks Animation research technologist Robin Rowe and former E! Entertainment Network mobile producer Darren Jones.

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